Saturday, October 27, 2012

A week in pictures...

Dream Family after school care, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia:

This might not look very significant, but this young designer came up with a back pack, complete with a pocket and straps for our doll- learning, creating and higher-order thinking going on here?  Yes, absolutely!

Not sure why this loaded the wrong way, but if you turn your head to the left you can distinctly see a little person here...

Here's our designer again!

I love how much the children are loving doing crafts and making something new everyday.  It is such a THRILL for them, and something I am realising that we take for granted.  Despite the Mongolian people being very creative, it does not seem to be encouraged much at school, or to be considered very important in the early years.

I also love how each one turns out uniquely, reflecting a little of their creator.  Kind of like us people really!

Building roads...

A well earned break from the homework load- these children just thrive under the attention of a caring adult.  Everyday at some point they will ask "Teacher, can you please play with me?"

Our dramatic play area was out of action due to a cold snap, and the fact that we hadn't sealed the windows yet.  That didn't stop this impromptu tea party from happening, and a pretend nap back there on a bed made from foam blocks.

Seems like it was all just a bit too much for dolly, she has fallen asleep in her food!

A little more engineering...

sorting the bugs...

and taking the butterflies for a spin on the boat!

Sisters sharing a story...

Friends sharing the board...

Proudly displaying both their dinosaurs and the tall structure they made!

Some more dinosaurs

A quick game of Uno

Chatting on the "phone"

Creating a new game with new rules-  I love it when the little ones and big ones work together!

Another perfect example of that: Naran Solonk (in the black shirt) taught the younger girls how to make paper leaves.

And they were thrilled with them!

Another fantastic construction- I think the lego basket flipped and used as a garage is just genius!

Lego, lego, lego... they are all about the lego

Everyday we have new and improved and fabulous designs.  Here are only a few...

Our little bit of Kandinsky flavour  this week was well received (thank you for the lovely idea Deep Space Sparkle)

After we sealed up the windows the temperature in the kitchen (aka dramatic play area) changed dramatically.  There was much rejoicing at being allowed to play there again! :-)


  1. I love it - what gorgeous smiling faces! The tea party looks a lot of fun. I'm going to have to have one myself. ;)

  2. The smiles are a highlight of my every day! :-) Enjoy your tea party- post some pictures!!