Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving that brings a smile

I have not grown up with a thanksgiving holiday celebration being an anual event on the family calender, but I have grown up in an atmosphere were I have been encouraged to daily look for the things I am thankful for.  Thanks Mum and Dad for instilling that in me!  So, it is Thanksgiving today, and it is also just another day to be thankful!  Here are some photos from the past month that bring a smile of joy to my heart and remind me to be thankful.

Friends sharing a book- this is significant because I just recently found this beautiful book on insects- in MONGOLIAN!  There's not a lot of variety (or quality) by way of children's books here, yet, but I was very thankful for this find!
All you have to do is look at these precious girls and be thankful for their joy and life... and giggles!
This little guy has been coming, and crying, for about 1 month.  The day this picture was taken was the first day he didn't cry when I spoke to him, he actually grinned at me, and was really interacting with the other children!!
Three precious little men sharing around the table..
That fishy face is just darling!  Can't help but smile and be thankful for precious, hilarious children!
Watching my girls delight in opening a package from our lovely friends over at Tumbleweed Infants House.  Thank you SO much, we really enjoyed it so very much!
Finding this little treasure- my creative girl has been at it again!  I am thankful for Solongoo and her freedom and creativity- and her love for drawing spectacular pictures!
A new friend working on some new skills...
A door full of happy, wintry penguins!

So... happy thanksgiving to all of my lovely American friends out there, and happy "another opportunity to be thankful" day to everyone else! J