Thursday, August 2, 2012

Up and running!

Мөрөөдлийн Гэр бүл (Dream Family NGO) is up and running!

We had a small opening celebration down at the park and probably had around 50 children come through, some with their parents and some on their own.  The face painting was a big hit, and even the older kids (some of them teens) kept coming back for more!  It was a nice way to kick things off.

Happily "crafting" away...

Waiting patiently in line for face paiting...

Presenting a little speech: Who are we?  What do we hope to do?

Connecting with parents...

Happy opening day!

At the moment we are running a summer club in the afternoons, and a few mother and child playgroups in the mornings.  Although numbers have been small, the atmosphere has been GREAT!  I love seeing the children so excited to come, seeing Mums delighting in their little ones and spending some quality time with them down on the floor and exploring things together.  It makes it all so worthwhile!

Summer club fun:

Mother and child playgroup:

Crafting together...

Sometimes Grandmas come to play too! J

Making new friends...

With smiles like that you can see that we are off to a great start!  We really hope to encourage parents in their task of raising their children- which is challenging at the best of times, but when you are in a culture where emotions are hard to express, where connecting with your children is not really modelled and where the opportunities to even just get out of the house with your little one are very limited, this challenge is increased.  We want to encourage children to take joy in exploring and learning, to have fun, to relate well to each other, to be actively engaged in their learning.  And as you can see that we are having a lovely time as we go about that J

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again soon to read more of our adventures!


  1. So lovely to see all those smiley faces! :)

  2. I agree Sarah! :-) Thanks so much for your part in that!!

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    1. Thanks Josh and Jewell... now I am ready to read about your latest adventures! ;-)

  4. Sorry for earlier post I see that you are open! Looks wonderful. You are a very corageous lady. Would you like to take part in a flat ted exchange with us? We are a nursery school teaching 3and 4 year olds but would love to send you one of our teddies and some photos and drawings if you could send us a photo with it and maybe some drawings back? We are Woodcroft Nursery School in England. Thank you Jacqui Shadrake

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by.... I have been very busy lately and haven't managaged to update things! But great to have you here :-) We are not actually a kindergarten (yet) but run mother and child playgroups and afterschool care programs. BUT we do have a 3 year olds playgroup that meets once a week, so we would love to be involved in your exchange- that sounds like fun! I'll email you :-)