Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Children's drawings

I love children's drawings.  I love observing them being drawn, I love watching the process as a child thinks up new ideas and ways of expressing them, I love hearing their thoughts and stories afterwards as they share their drawings with me.

Enkhmaa drew a wonderful picture of her family:

Mum, Enkhmaa, Dad, big brother, and those two animals that are attatched to the people by a line which looks like it represents some kind of leash?  Please don't assume they are dogs.  They are not.  They are sheep.

And this picture by Solongoo:

"It's a beautiful bird" she told me.  I agreed, even though I had wrongly assumed in my mind that she had drawn a very interesting lady.

I am reminded not to make assumptions about children's artwork, but to encourage them to talk about their thoughts and ideas, using their own words, and not making any judgements about it- but taking their word for it.  After all, they are the artists!  And their imagination is not as limited as mine sometimes is J

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  1. Hi I have been following your amazing journey and wondering how it's going with your kindergarten? Are you open and what are the ages of the children that you teach?