Saturday, March 3, 2012

Drawing and finger puppets

Last Monday the children explored finger painting.  On Wednesday they found a new use for the laminated mats I had made for that experience...

I always love seeing the variety in their work, and children's drawings are a tremendous art form.  I am inspired by their freedom in expression, their lack of inhibitions in representing what they see, think and feel- or just making a mark because they can!  A lot of grown ups really struggle when they are given a blank piece of paper, especially when they think they are not good at drawing.  For these children this thought has never even entered their minds.  Of course they can draw!  And it IS great, because they have done it, they have created it, they have expressed themselves.

I had planned to get the salt-dough out as well, as this was a real hit the previous week, but somehow we just didn't get to it.  This little guy however,

caught the eye of one of the girls, and we decided to explore the idea of finger puppets.  The children were intrigued by the idea of making a puppet, especially one they could make walk with their fingers!

They were a great hit!  I think we might even make a set to keep with the loose parts in the block corner- of course these first creations were just too precious and had to be taken home! J

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