Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Figuring things out...


I watched this unfold the other day, and it was really interesting. Amin Erden found this old camera and was very intrigued with it. He spent some time looking at it, exploring it, figuring this thing out. He didn't need me to tell him "hold it this way", "press here", "do this, do that". All he needed was a moment to look closely at something for himself, think about it for a bit, and then he was happy to move on. Since then he has had a go at the camera that actually works, and has been exploring a little bit of photo taking (which almost all children are naturally fascinated by) but I am so glad that I caught this little moment of deep exploration (a spontaneous hug from a friend didn't stop him in his tracks- he was really engaged in this!), even if it was brief. It showed me again children's hunger for knowledge, for experiencing things for themselves, for thinking outside of the box, for research- for doing what they do best! :-) Give your children the space to "figure things out" and then marvel as they explore an follow up on those ideas and discoveries!

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