Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

New Year is a celebration that is growing here in popularity- even though the Mongolians actually celebrate their own new year (Цагаан сар- tsagaan sar or "White month") in late January or February.  The children were all excited for new year celebrations and anticipating gifts, and if not then at least some chocolates or something else yummy to eat.  We talked about how different people celebrated new year, we watched a new year's firework display online- the children where amazed by the fireworks they were seeing on the screen.  It was about an 8 minute showing... some of them even wanted to watch it again!  Afterwards they got to representing what they had just seen.  Take a look...  

Wow!!  Don't they look fabulous?  Happy New Year! Looking forward to all that 2013 has in store for us... and for you J

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