Sunday, December 2, 2012

Learning about the letter Ж ж

This past week the little ones have been learning about the letter Ж (it's equivelant to our letter J).  Our boys were out sick this week, but the girls had a wonderful time exploring the letter and representing it in their creative endeavours.  We talked about жимс (fruit), reading "The very hungry caterpillar", counting with fruit and making fruit salad.  We made  and decorated жааз (picture frame), and we learned about the really cute and interesting жирх (chipmunk).  The children were delighted in watching some short informational (and amusing) clips on youtube (yay for the good old "information highway"!) and did a wonderful job representing them in their art work (we used oil pastels, and followed a directed line drawing to help think about the shape and size and features of the chipmunk).  A wonderful week full of exploring, thinking, creating, writing, making- and above all having fun in learning!

Exploring жимс (jim-es):
Looking at a recipe (жор) for making yummy fruit salad
Mixing, mixing, mixing...
Making жааз (jaaz):
Discovering жирх (jeerh):
This little video clip absolutey delighted the children.  They asked to watch it again and again!

PS  Snowflake making and the little dolls were also very much enjoyed this week...



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